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Your vision

Whether you have already envisioned what your maids are going to look like on your big day, or you are needing a little inspiration, our consultants are here to help you create the perfect look!

Get the word out!

Once you and your maids have decided on the gown style and color, all you have to do is send your girls our way. Whether they come in with you or have to call in from out of town, we will get them taken care of!

THe Details

Needing these dresses rushed? Any of your ladies need extra length? No problem! We will take care of sizing and measurements in-person and/or over the phone. Once we have the paperwork done, we are ready to order!


Once the dresses arrive, it is best for each of your ladies to try on their gowns to see what alterations they might need. We'll set an appointment for them with one of our expert alteration ladies who will fit the dress and help them be ready to walk down the aisle!

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